Portholes to the Mysterioverse

Documentation for an outdoor five week installation  for Mondo Monde, a New Media + Festival in Sackville New Brunswick. 

To find the portholes first you had to be given a business card with a phone number on it. After calling the number you would hear a message saying to ask Sarah not Al. Now, Sackville is a small town and with only a minimum of sluething anyone could discover that Sarah and Al are the proprietors of The Black Duck Cafe. So if you went to the cafe and asked them about the portholes you would get two answers. Al would tell you the Portholes are just rumours, made up by an artistic asshole. If you ask Sarah she will point you in the right direction to actually discover the portholes. But they are still hard to find, under a rock, under bushes and in a field but with each sensors activate a sound, lights or motors to help the audience discover the mysterious portholes. The motion activated element gets the attention of the viewer and directs them to discover the porthole. As they clear off the dust and peer through the lens they see; an eye looking back, or a planet exploding or a young man playing an organ.