Night Clearing (Into the Pines)

A 24 hour exhibit of sorts in a clearing in a wooded area, within view of the Bay of Fundy, in Slacks Cove, New Brunswick.  It was presented as part of the program for SappFest X. The audience was given the location and encouraged to go on an adventure.  First driving along the bay, from Sackville to Rockport, to the point where the road turns to gravel, then dirt and then ends all together.  Here a 5 minute walk along a newly worn path led to a clearing.  As it got dark, a campfire illuminated a series of large paintings of bears, rabbits, snakes and people.  The adventurers walked around, were warmed buy the fire and took in the surreal spectacle.

Thank you to the The New Brunswick Arts Board for its support of this project.