Wish You Were Here

from C. ELIZABETH GRANTCanadian Art, May 16, 2016

“I thought it would be exciting to bring together a group of artists of various disciplines, without rules or guidelines, and see what happens. And then bring that ‘something’ on the road.” - Jon Claytor

Jon Claytor is in love with the idea of a travelling variety show. With the first-ever SappyFestartist residency, the visual artist and co-founder of independent New Brunswick music festival SappyFest has put together something that might come pretty close.

In early May, the residency brought together 10 artists to make work and put on a show in Sackville. In addition to Claytor, other artists participating were fellow SappyFest co-founder Paul Henderson, musicians Shotgun JimmieSteven Lambke and Michael Feuerstack, writer Ian Roy and visual artists Amy SiegelGraeme PattersonMitchell Wiebe and Amanda Fauteux. All of the artists bring a history of collaboration, interdisciplinary practice and a history of involvement with SappyFest, be it as a performer, organizer or volunteer.